ashtyn davis story

ashtyn davis story

His desire, coupled with the athletic pieces that he had—you knew he was going to special at that point.”Ragle—having coached NFL offensive linemen Taylor Lewan and Wes Schweitzer in high school—has seen his fair share of NFL talent. “We learned a few years ago that we don’t put caps on what Ashtyn is capable of doing,” he says. What is he?" One more line. And so he was really a joy to coach and eager to learn and he did a great job for us.”. “I’d say my senior year of high school was the first year I took track seriously,” Davis told Johnson. Take it or leave it.’’.

“I had never even seen or heard of Ashtyn Davis, and I’m watching the guy I went down there to target in the prelim rounds and here’s this guy in this all-white uniform running step-for-step with him.

Going through the draft process was new for Davis.

The limit is purely set by himself. “Now he’s cool because he didn’t do it. But when he was chosen by the Jets last month, his father Sean (left) also found himself in the media spotlight. Ashtyn Davis says I don't do either one of those things.". “All I ever needed was my foot in the door, and I keep that same mindset. Sports always have been Ashtyn’s “one more” in life. That was a special day for us and figured that was a good way to commemorate it. “He was there physically, but he wasn’t really present for our lives growing up. Sean Davis’ impact on the Santa Cruz community goes well beyond his past struggles with addiction Santa Cruz high alum and Cal football standout Ashtyn Davis (right) almost had his draft day sabotaged by the Covid-19 pandemic.

He was a skinny kid who hadn’t filled out yet.”According to Jesse Trumbull, head football coach at Santa Cruz High School (SCHS), Davis’ athleticism “was always there. Abstaining from drugs and alcohol, however, did not come without its challenges for Ashtyn. Davis hasn't suited up for the Jets since Week 2, but he'll make his return after logging limited practices each day this week. I’ve seen him do that a hundred or two hundred times.”It wasn’t long until Davis emerged as one of SCHS’ best players. If you have a conversation with him, you’d be amazed at the depth at which he knows things.”Trumbull explains the great strides Davis has made in his mental understanding of football: “When I talked to Ashtyn the last few times, it’s the mental aspect of the game that has grown so impressively. His plan was to go to the University of Redlands to play Division III football. But an adductor injury had kept Davis from working out at the NFL Combine and the coronavirus pandemic led to Cal’s pro day being canceled, without Davis getting a chance to prove his health. He can do it all.

Davis, the Jets’ third-round pick, was a two-sport athlete at California, p… That was all Davis wanted or needed — a foot in the door. So that’s the focus that he brings.”. Sonny Dykes, then the Cal football coach, didn’t have a lot of time for Davis, but he did allow him to walk onto the team. He won the Central Coast Section 110-meter high hurdles champion as a senior. Was a track star in the hurdles at Cal. He’ll go as big and as bright as he wants to be.”.

According to Ragle, “guys respected him for his craft and how he went about doing it. How NY Jets fans are reacting on social media to taking Mekhi Becton at NFL Draft, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy.

“We had to tell him ‘woah’ more than ‘giddy-up’,” Becton explains.It was during this time that Davis assumed more of a leadership role on the team. Davis did not play at all his first year, which made his subsequent emergence as a special teams ace in 2016 even more improbable. And he would say, ‘I have to. He was the 15th guy to qualify and then he ends up on the podium. “He was frustrated. When the New York Jets selected the Cal safety and Santa Cruz native with the No. “He’s always had a big drive to succeed, and he knew that sports was something that he could do that in. It’s like ‘dude, you’re the fastest, most athletic, toughest person that we’ve got.’ His best years are in front of him.”Jets’ Newest SafetyAs training camp kicks into high gear, Davis has made his presence known and his intent clear. And just as importantly, he showed an ability to continue improving as a football player — both mentally and tactically. “When I missed his birthday, I got sober 10 days later, because that wasn’t the person I wanted to be.’’.

He has the mental capacity to be great. Ten days after missing his son’s birthday, Sean, who’d been in and out of rehab before, went back for the last time — on Oct. 20, 2008. All rights reserved. And as the years went b he looked for every way possible to improve his craft. He’s spent as much time in the meeting room and watching video as anybody. That’s why there was no part of Mahutga that was surprised when Ashtyn was drafted by the Jets. “He turned it down, because he wanted to play football,” Gipson says, explaining that, by NCAA rule, accepting the track scholarship would have ruled him ineligible for football without giving up the track scholarship. So, I’m like, ‘Who’s that guy?’”. I barely got in, but I’m going to get on the podium.’ And that’s kind of the same thing with football: ‘They don’t know my name, but look where I am.’”. Ashtyn says he has never done drugs, drank or even smoked a cigarette. That spring, Davis won the Pac-12 championship in the 110m hurdles and did not lose a 110m hurdles race the entire regular season.Davis’ true breakout year, however, came in 2018, when he earned first team All-Pac 12 honors by the Associated Press and Pro Football Focus. Small Town AthleteA Santa Cruz, California native, Davis was an underdeveloped freshman when he first stepped foot onto a high school football field. That's what the New York Jets are banking on. First, he had to find out who to call in the football program to ask if he could try out for the team.

Listening to Ashtyn’s reason for not succumbing to the peer pressure of drugs and alcohol brings you right to the core of his unbreakable focus and drive. One more drink. One more. One day I hope to wish upon a star and try to tackle any chance I have at making my dream come true.”. They’ve resonated in vastly different ways through his family as addiction insidiously made its way through the core of his family. But it was like a nuisance being asked [to join in] constantly. “Ashtyn will outwork everybody around him. When he first walked onto the football team, Dykes kept accidentally referring to him as “Jake,’’ confusing him with teammate Jake Ashton. Bruce Feldman Aug 25, 2019 77 . 6-1, a little over 200. Davis received offers from several other schools, but liked the opportunity at Cal the best. “Then college came around and I had enough confidence in myself and my decisions to maintain that same mindset. Welcome to Packers Wire's European Union Experience.

“Just his understanding of football and concepts, he studies it like crazy,” Wilcox said. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ashtyn Davis (born October 10, 1996) is an American football safety and return specialist for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL). “I feel like any team that picked me, regardless of whether it was in that first-round area or later, that I was going to give them first-round value. His athleticism and versatility make him one of the most intriguing players in this year’s draft. Andy Vasquez is the Jets beat writer for Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams praised Davis for his work ethic, stating, “He’s done very well in everything we’ve seen.

“He was always out front, he never had a problem being the first guy to jump up in a competitive situation. He just didn’t have any of that. He’ll crush the weight room. “So he’s always had that little bit of a — everybody uses the term, a ‘chip’ — but he’s always had that, ‘I’m going to show you. “But you could just see the little things that would click for him, formation recognition, understanding route concepts, spacing on the field, those things just kept getting better and better and they will continue to … he’s got a lot of education in football over the last few years and he’ll continue to grow as he moves forward in his journey in the NFL.”. “He’s always been the overlooked guy,” Gipson said. “We didn’t give him anything.

In fact, he was so committed that he twice turned down a track scholarship at Cal because he knew he was less likely to make the football team (because they’d have to take on that scholarship). Ashtyn Davis’ sixth-grade project Lexi Davis As part of a sixth-grade art project, Davis produced the poster with a picture of Michael Strahan on it and a handwritten pledge that read: “One day …

He’s going to have to slow down mentally… But he is a sharp guy. Davis (groin) is active Week 5 against Arizona.

What did you eat last night? Peer pressure in high school can be a very powerful force. As part of a sixth-grade art project, Davis produced the poster with a picture of Michael Strahan on it and a handwritten pledge that read: “One day I hope to be famous. Subscribe now to get full access to the new sports page. The room for him to grow and be great is there. Episode 776 – New York Jets Training Camp Day #8 w/Chris Nimbley, New York Jets – Trade Ideas To Improve Wide Receiver, catching footballs while back-flipping during practice with the Jets, diving pass breakup as a single-high safety.

Just six years ago it would have been almost impossible to imagine Davis being selected in the third round of the NFL Draft. The Story of Ashtyn Davis’ Rise from Walk-On to Jets Safety – “You Knew He Was Going to be Special” James Kuntz breaks down Asthyn Davis’ rise from walk-on to the New York Jets by talking with the people who saw his growth first hand… When Ashtyn Davis was drafted by …

I think that elevated his drive.’’. We knew he had raw, natural athletic ability.”Davis’ athletic prowess shined through in the extraordinary athletic feats that he routinely attempted.Ten years before Davis was catching footballs while back-flipping during practice with the Jets, he was doing the exact same thing in high school. He’s different. The Post interviewed more than a dozen family members, friends, teammates and former coaches who’ve played the most significant roles in helping Davis along in his shocking and unlikely journey to the NFL. Wingo said. Jets’ Ashtyn Davis — shaped by family story of addiction — achieves NFL dream.

We tell him how thankful we are for him being back involved in our lives.’’. They drafted Davis in the third round last week, opening the latest chapter in a remarkable journey. 68 overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the small group of family members gathered at his aunt’s Soquel home erupted with joy and relief.

“Sometimes a bad example is a good example — unfortunately,’’ Sean says with the hint of a melancholic laugh audible over the phone. “He started to struggle a little bit in high school, because he didn’t drink and didn’t do drugs,’’ Christine recalls. Until he gets the answer that he needs, he’s going to pick the coach’s brain. That was my moment of realization.’’.

In 2015, after repeatedly reaching out to the football staff for a tryout, he made the team as a walk-on but didn’t play. Ashtyn Davis and his grandfather Roger Mahutga, Jets’ Ashtyn Davis — shaped by family story of addiction — achieves NFL dream.

Amid a seemingly endless array of towering redwoods are six acres of land that a young man who grew up here, Ashtyn Davis, jokingly calls “The Compound.”.

NFL Draft:NY Jets take QB James Morgan in the fourth round, was that too early? Ashtyn was barely out of diapers when Mahutga told his daughter, “There’s something special about this kid. “Really our first spring where he started running around and competing, you just saw the athleticism,” Wilcox said. He doubles down. “I knew since he was 10 years old he would be a professional,’’ Mahutga says. “I want to write the Jets coach [Adam Gase].

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