berseem tnau

berseem tnau

%PDF-1.5 Medics (.Medicago species), Crotalaria species and certain other miscellaneous legumes. The crop needs very frequent irrigation during its early growth period at an interval of about one week but once the plants are established, subsequent irrigations are provided at an interval of 15-20 days during winter and 10-12 days during spring and summer seasons. For obtaining good yield, 20 kg N and 80 kg P2O5/ha should be applied as basal dose. grown on bunds and wastelands for utilizing their vegetative parts are used for green manuring of soils, besides cowpea, urd bean, mung bean, etc. The farmer can choose any of the one or two or three crops listed under each crop rotation as it suits his/her farm conditions. Seed rate: The optimum seed rate is 25 kg/ha, which may be increased up to 35 kg in early or late sown conditions.

Seed rate

/Name /F1 In general, addition of 20-25 tonnes of farmyard manure (FYM) before 10-15 days of sowing with the application of 80 kg N, 40 kg P2O5/ha to single cut and a dose of 120 kg N, 40 kg K2O/ha to multicut varieties attains good crop growth. Manures and fertilizers: It responds well to applied nutrients. Cattle generally eat 2.0 to 2.5 kg of dry matter per 100 kg live weight. The akasbel should not be allowed to set seed in any case. Grain colour also varies from yellow to orange to white. In regions where mechanical harvesting is done, sizeable quantities of residues are left in the field. /Ascent 891 upto Nov. iii. Soil: Berseem can be grown on all types of soils except very light sandy soils. However, floating of berseem in 10% common salt is effective against chicory only. Seed rate and seed treatment: The seed rate depends upon method of sowing and Weed control: Oat is infested with winter season grassy and broad-leaved weeds mostly found as in wheat. Manures and fertilizers: Lucerne being a leguminous crop requires less nitrogen.

Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Hectare: -30-35 tonnes from each cut, iii. and Crotolaria juncea are more popular leguminous crops. It is more tolerant to heavy rainfall than any other pulse crop.

The package of practices of some important fodder crops (rainy season, winter season and perennials) are elaborated in following table.

Agronomy Important Question for Exams Like IBPS- AFO (Agriculture Field Officer) Iffco, Kribhco, NFL, NSC, ICAR-JRF/SRF/ ARS, IARI Horticulture Officer In mechanical drying the protein loss is only 2-3 percent and it is directly proportional to the drying time. The stover is a valuable feed for cattle. Food is the source for production for all such products as well for producing offspring. Green manuring provides organic source of N and organic matter in the soil. sole or mixed. Optimum spacing is 45 cm between rows for multicut sorghum and 30 cm for single cut sorghum. A ratio of 2 rows of maize with 1 row of other desired crop can be adopted. • Hybrid Napier or Setaria inter-planted with cowpea in summer and Berseem in winter (9 -10 cuts/year). Consequently, it has been realised that these standards must be revised every few years to make them up-to- date in describing nutritionally adequate ration. Crotalaria group includes a large number of species useful for foraging like Sunhemp (Crotalaria junica), Cowpeas or Lobia (Vigna sinensis) and Kudzu vine (Pueraris thunbergiana). The above fodder cropping scheme and the schedule of feeding livestock has to be in synchrony, i.e., go on together. Harvesting: Since HCN is present in sorghum especially in early stages up to 40-50 days, proper care has to be exercised during harvesting for avoiding HCN poisoning. - 40-45 days 2 cuttings, vii. and green fodder required per day. The quality of grasslands in India varies considerably with respect to their ecology. - 2 1/2-3 months, 3-4 cuttings/yr, vii. This is due to the fact that fodder crops are desired to produce luxuriant vegetative growth with succulent and nutritive herbage in a short period. The improved varieties released/notified during the past three decades are given in Table 37.6. However, a reliable system of quality control and efficient system of storage, transportation and management of biofertilizers is required for its wider applicability. Important perennial cultivated fodder grasses crops used as fodders: Para grass (.Brachiana mutica), Guinea grass (Panicum maximum), Napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum), Hybrid {giant) Napier (an interspecies cross between Napier and Bajra), Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana), Blue panic grass (Panicum antidotale) and Sudan grass (Sorghum vulgare var Sudanense). -90x90 cm or 90x60 cm, iv. Innumerable digestibility trials were conducted the world over to determine the digestible nutrients in various livestock feeds for all different species and classes of livestock under different conditions and activities.

seedlings per Hectare: -25 to 30 kg, v.       Fertiliser

It is very important to bring down moisture to 12% or less for safe storage. This resulted in the identification of an erect, leafy and compact hybrid napier-IGFRI No. and general agroclimatic conditions. /Supplement 0 Provision of irrigation allows the maximum utilization of resources for intensive forage production, which is very important in our country with small land holdings. Sowing method: There are two methods for sowing of berseem i.e. Sowing time varies from one location to other. Seed inoculation of berseem with phosphate solubilizer significantly increased the green fodder (103.6 tonnes/ha), dry matter (16.19 tonnes/ha) and crude protein (3.20 tonnes/ha) yields over the control.

These have wider adaptability and variability in terms of growth, regeneration potential, yield and quality of herbage. Harvesting: In general, annual lucerne gives 4-5 cuts while in the perennial crop, 7-8 cuts can be taken. Before sowing seeds, the water in the beds should be stirred thoroughly with the help of puddler or rake so as to break the clods and capillary to avoid leaching during successive irrigations. These plants, by virtue of bacteria of rhizobium group in their root nodules, ‘fix’ nitrogen from atmosphere and make it available to themselves, other plants, animals and man. Seed rate seedlings per Hectare: -20 Kg  (By machine) 50 kg Broad Casting, v.         

per Hectare: -150 quintal. /LastChar 121 The chemical composition of green fodder varies with the stage of harvest. The intensive cropping systems when managed properly using modern techniques of soil and crop management are able to yield 180 - 300 tonnes of green fodder (30 - 55 tonnes dry fodder) per ha/year. Water-soaked seed is sown in shallow furrows at row distance of 30 cm by seed drill or kaira at sufficient soil moisture. weights of feeds, as they are normally available. Distance:

Water is the most important input for crop production especially in fodder crops where the maximum vegetative growth is desired within a short period of time. For yield compensation in first cutting, 1.5 kg mustard should be sown along with berseem. It is also grown in sloppy land in hilly tracts and heavy loam soils. ��獞��-X�Є. Seed %���� Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola, Maharashtra. stream

Asst. It can be grown under moderate acidic or saline conditions also. A promising dual-purpose kharif variety SPV 1616 was released as CSV 20 for the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and parts of Gujarat.

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