chowder the raccoon

chowder the raccoon

((he may be a tanuki))http://. In fact,this personality trait has been Chowder's main enemy in some episodes. Chowder is the main character in the the television series, Chowder. He works at Mung Daal's Restaurant and is known for being very annoying. He can be seen in a Dojo class, where Buttercup wacked him in the face with a Shinai. He seems to care for Panini's happines, although he dislikes her. He also does not like sing beans, compares them to bad sweat socks. In fact the only food that he is known to dislike are Meveled Eggs, liking Mahjong Game Pieces over these. He has a purple hat with two points and, Schnitzel: Chowder works with Schnitzel, and thinks he is his friend. (Seen in The Ciniminni Monster). Schnitzel: Chowder works with Schnitzel, and thinks he is his friend. She became a great chef under the tutelage of her teacher, Ms. Endive. is a shade of lavender, and he possesses a prominent fang on his upper jaw. Chowder's stomach has the ability to talk. (Seen in. Chowder makes a cameo in th Billy and Mandy movie "UnderFist: Halloween Bash" on a Halloween Float. Chowder has a chode 安定is擦亮了得弹劾波噢统一娃娃人日噢日. He is known as a bear-cat-raccoon thing and helps Mung at Mung Daal's Catering Company.He has been Mung's apprentice ever since he was small, as seen in My Big Fat Stinky Wedding. Chowder's voice noticeably starts to deepen by the end of the series, due to his voice actor Nicky Jones hitting puberty., A fucking..raccoon... it so cute..give it to me now... Answer Save. She has a huge crush on Chowder and tries to get closer to him despite him not wanting to become more than friends. Chowder is a cabbit like Panini, but has a much more feline appearance and has a pink nose with a striped tail, resembling a raccoon's. (especially in his stealth outfit from, On some occasions, he is seen having short blue hair. He has a purple hat with two points and has a purple and fuchsia/magenta shirt that covers his legs. He also tries to be helpful, but often ruins Mung Daal's meals, in fact, Mung Daal puts Chowder away from the food so he can be "helpful". Chowder is also not very good at following directions. If he loses his appitite, he can "find" it very quickly. Chowder (voiced by Nicky Jones): A 12-year-old chubby purple cat/bear/rabbit hybrid who serves as an apprentice under the chef Mung Daal, Chowder lives with Mung Daal and his wife, Truffles, in a room at the top of the catering business. Species: Raccoon. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Favorite Answer. 4 years ago. He's even cried over receiving punishment, which is understandable for his age. (He's not).

From The Cartoon Network Show "Chowder" I Already Know That Mung's Wife is a fairy, or a sugar fairy. He's quite chubby for his age, the reason for this being his voracious appetite and unwillingness to exercise. He is extremely bad at cooking, as seen in the episode, Burple Nurples, he cannot even cook a dish without POISIONING it.

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