dexter gif blinking

dexter gif blinking

Very true, Never tell me the odds lmao. but through blinking. Examples: me: i love that gif of the white guy blinkingfriend: what gif?me:, Me: that gif of the guy blinking and looking surprised is the best meme of all timeSomeone else: nah I've seen betterMe:, me: i want to–my bank Using image editing software, the picture is usually changed to show a character or person who is held in high regard by some groups. Have you seen the gif of the guy blinking in disbelief? “It’s a little scary because there’s always the danger someone could change it to something different. Dexter Morgan GIF Sea Fish GIF by Owi Liunic Monday Fail GIF Season 4 Netflix GIF by Gilmore Girls Kevin Love Chicago GIF ... Blinking Gwen Stefani GIF Sam Bradford GIF Kamen Rider My S GIF Will Travis Scott GIF Mia GIF Cary Elwes GIF Ex On The Beach Lol GIF by MTV Nederland Lightning Storm GIF. Dude is a treasure. During an interview with The Guardian, Scanlon says fans have been creating GIFs from their videos for a while, but none have ever grown so popular. Posted by. The actual Blinking White Guy meme walks past a Korean streamer. It's sort of like saying "say what?"

Since then, pretty much it has been non-stop," Scanlon tells The Guardian.

"I first got messaged about that biology tweet – which is still my favorite – a few weeks ago. Close. Yet Scanlon’s no stranger to seeing his face on the internet. Meet Drew Scanlon, the man behind the meme, Last modified on Thu 23 Feb 2017 12.21 EST. During a weekly live stream of the crew playing games the blinking white guy clip was made after Jeff Gerstman made a joke. As a video producer at Giant Bomb, a popular gaming website, he features in at least five hours of videos a week for the site, as well as on its podcast. “People have passed around gifs of us for as long as I’ve worked at Giant Bomb,” he told the Guardian. These memes have been generally positive. But this is the first time he’s been turned into a widespread, pretty much mainstream, meme. How does it feel when your face is plastered all over the internet? That was so out of the blue. According to Know Your Meme, the first known use of the gif was on a NeoGaf thread in 2015. If you spend a lot of time using social media, then this face will look really familiar. Fans were diligent in letting Scanlon know about this new pocket of internet fame.

“It’s certainly a first for me,” he said. This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and Cookies help us deliver our Services. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! The GIF is big enough now, there's even a "Blinking White Guy" Twitter account. MIRROR CLIP: The actual Blinking White Guy meme walks past a Korean streamer, Credit to for the clip. Scanlon doesn’t remember filming this particular video – it was more than three years ago after all – but it’s part and parcel of what the website does. He said: “I like what memes can do for people. “I think a lot of our effort in these videos is spent on getting each other to laugh, to provide things for other people to react to or riff off.

The guy walking by is Drew Scanlon, man behind the Blinking White Guy meme and currently in NYC. Who is the "white guy" behind it? Scanlon and his colleagues were watching their editor, Jeff Gerstmann, play a game called Starbound. Fans were diligent in …

Search, discover and share your favorite Subscribe GIFs. Welcome to /r/LivestreamFail: the place for almost anything livestream related. They’re such fun, throwaway things I see. or "excuse me?" They interviewed the guy and made a somewhat interesting video behind the whole meme and how it happened.

“My reaction was, I think, part of that.”, I do public appearances, birthday parties, and bar mitzvahs.

648. me: ill take a biology class, im smart enough for this just watch meteacher: cellsme: Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. The original video sparking the meme is actually more than three years old, and was snagged during a stream of the game Starbound. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. I thought the GIF was Dexter this whole time.... -People are really good at sensing out when people are inauthentic. As weird as internet fame can be, Scanlon is relaxed about the whole thing. “It’s not like I’ve a say in what the internet does with a gif of my face. His reaction face, interpreted usually as a look of incredulity, has been incredibly popular on Twitter this month. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. 1 month ago. But this month it sped into the 2017 meme calendar after a viral tweet about a biology class. The perfect Exuse You Blinking Animated GIF for your conversation. He said: “I saw that biology tweet so many times, on different accounts.”, me: ill take a biology class, im smart enough for this just watch meteacher: cellsme: They run a regular series called Unprofessional Fridays, where they stream games and talk about them. I Have Failed You is an exploitable meme that depicts a scene from the Cartoon Network animated TV series Dexter’s Laboratory [1] in which the eponymous character looks up to a poster of Albert Einstein in his locker and says “I have failed you”. But I’m pleased to see people are enjoying it.”. Follow Brett Molina on Twitter: @brettmolina23. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The gif itself is taken from an episode of a Giant Bomb show called Unprofessional Fridays, which was filmed back in 2013. u/49th. C’est l’un des memes les plus connus et non, ce n'est pas Dexter ! The gif was eventually dubbed the “white guy blinking” meme and generally used as the punchline to a funny and relatable tweet. The actual Blinking White Guy meme walks past a Korean streamer. All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative. Contact my agent for day rates. By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that third-party cookies will be set.

Drew Scanlon, a video producer at Giant Bomb (he recently announced he's leaving the site in March).

I do public appearances, birthday parties, and bar mitzvahs. Here's the story behind it: A video from the video game site Giant Bomb. makes a purchase. Fast forward to around the 1 hour, 49 minute mark.
By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. A gif of Drew Scanlon has spread over Twitter the last few weeks.

The GIF is big enough now, there's even a "Blinking White Guy" Twitter account. “A lot of people have said that it’s ‘relatable’ which is a bit weird because of course I am, I’m human!”, He also got a weird insight into the Twitter accounts which rip off popular tweets as their own. Details Duration: 2.000 sec Dimensions: 498x280 Created: 1/24/2020, 9:13:49 PM. It's been unofficially dubbed the "white guy blinking" meme for the exact reasons you would suspect: it features a white guy blinking. More information.

The gif was eventually dubbed the “white guy blinking” meme and generally used as the punchline to a funny and relatable tweet. Metal gear scanlon is legendary. “I first got messaged about that biology tweet – which is still my favourite – a few weeks ago. #surprise It seems to have started from a tweet in early February, which now boasts more than 125,000 likes. [ Alternative (BETA)]. He’s the face of a new meme you may have seen in the past few weeks. That guy is really insightful, pretty cool. Contact my agent for day rates. Press J to jump to the feed. Related GIFs. My man Drew Scanlon popping up everywhere, dude was just on Good Morning America promoting his biking white guy stream raising money for MS. For those who don't know Drew used to be in video production on the video game website Giant Bomb.

Since then, pretty much it has been non-stop.

me: ill take a biology class, im smart enough for this just watch meteacher: cellsme:

It’s been used from everything, from talking about money issues: me: i want to–my bank, iPhone User: Android snapchat quality is trash compared to iPhoneAndroid User: ..., When you're in a fight and they make a good point Drew Scanlon is an amazing dude and i'm kinda sad he's more known as the meme then what he did elsewhere, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the LivestreamFail community. The moment comes just as Gerstmann says: “I’ve been doing some farming with my hoe here ... ”.

Ask Drew Scanlon – he knows all about it.

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