dink csgo meaning

dink csgo meaning

Also used to refer to a common plant-spot on a bombsite, A replay of a competitive match – for example GOTV, An enemy player who is wearing a helmet and has been shot in the head but not killed with a weapon such as an M4, FAMAS, Galil or pistols, Two players peeking a specific direction at the same time in an effort to get a trade, Where a player requires a weapon due to insufficient funds, Used to describe a player who dropped a high amount of frags usually above 30, Purchasing only pistols or a few grenades to save money for future rounds, A frag that opens up a bombsite for the rest of the team (not always the first kill of the round), Where the last player(s) on a team stand near to common bombsite exits to kill the enemy as they attempt to flee, Throwing utility such as smokes and flashbangs, or showing players in one area to trick the enemy team into thinking you are going there – hopefully resulting in an early rotate by the enemy thus allowing easy entry for the rest of team to gain access to the opposite bombsite, Throwing an item such as a decoy or pistol to replicate a flashbang to cause your enemy to potentially look away, A player who’s intention is to insult their teammates or the enemy players to make other players frustrated/td>, Purchasing everything a player can with the money they have – normally done during crucial stages of a match, An Ace but with all frags being head-shots, Head-shotting a helmet-less player but it doesn’t kill them – for example a Glock-18 head-shot, Where a player intentionally tries to lose the game through various means such as team killing, committing suicide, blocking teammates or calling out their teammates in global chat for the enemy to see, Sitting or standing behind cover or situating yourself in a position where only your head is visible to the enemy, As a CT with limited weapons you go for close range engagements with the T’s without peeking or pushing, Standing in a specific position holding an angle for an indefinite amount of time (most commonly with the AWP) waiting for a pick or a call to rotate, Strafing around a corner or angle back and forth to often to bait out a shot from the enemy to determine the enemy position, Often said to indicate a joke or comment that shouldn’t be taken seriously, Short for ‘Defuse Kit’ or ‘Hostage Rescue Kit’. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. I realize this comes from playing, but with the matchmaking in GO, there are lots of people who do not know spot names, myself included.

An insult to describe a players action as being poor, Where a group of players (or even the whole team) throw HE grenades in a specific direction, As a CT, defusing a bomb whilst severely outnumbered by T’s without them realising – commonly used with a Defuse Kit, a smoke and sometimes flashes, When a player accepts a knife-only fight and proceeds to shoot the enemy instead, Holding an angle or sitting in a position that the enemy is unlikely to check or pre-aim, A position that is often an off-angle that enables the player to get one kill, but should another enemy appear they will most certainly die due to the inability to flee the one-and-done spot safely, A smoke which conceals you from the enemy whilst enabling you to still see the enemy, Where a player moves around a corner or angle to get a visible angle on an enemy player – often done with scoped weapons such as the AWP, Getting a frag that gives a team a man advantage and more map control – commonly the first frag of the round, An instruction given to activate/arm the bomb at a bombsite, Planting the bomb in a position that can be seen by CT’s attempting to retake the bombsite, Planting the bomb in a position which is exposed and favours the T to kill the CT as s/he tries to defuse while the T is in a relatively safe spot, As a T not over-extending, trying to acquire map control and trying to wait for anxious CT’s to push giving the T’s a free pick, A flashbang that gives enemies little time to react and turn their head away causing them to get blinded, Firing your weapon in the direction where you expect the enemy player to appear before you can see them due to factors such as seeing a shadow or hearing footsteps, An instruction given to make entry into an area regardless of the circumstances or consequences thereafter, Purchasing just enough weapons or utility so that a full buy can be made next round, A player who purchases Kevlar and is then dropped a Tec-9/Five-SeveN by a teammate on a pistol round, Where a player leaves their position to attack/defend another position often between bombsites, Where a player holds a position to enable their teammate(s) to leave another area safely, A player who fires their weapon whilst running (causing severely reduced accuracy), only really effective with weapons such as the P90 in lower ranks, Where players run to a specific area or bombsite in the hope of outnumbering the enemy and catching them off-guard or unprepared, Used to describe a player who flames players from the opposing team, often after losing a round, To save all your items (such as weapons, Kevlar and grenades) for use in the next round, often done in situations like 1v5s, Holding down the default key for walking which is the left-shift key to prevent the enemy from hearing footsteps, Where a player peeks an angle/corner by only showing their shoulder to bait out a shot from the enemy, A pre-planned strategy using smokes, flashes and mollies to get entry onto a site and successfully plant the bomb using good player co-ordination, A cosmetic pattern or design that is applied to a weapon, A player who uses another account that has a lower rank than their main account to play against lower-ranked players, Searching for a competitive game without anybody else (not in a lobby), Holding down the trigger key resulting in reduced accuracy and high-recoil in most weapons, Where more players are defending or attacking a specific site than usual – for example having all 5 CT’s defending bombsite A, Short for strategy – an instruction given usually by the team leader/caller, A game-mode found on many community servers where the player ‘surfs’ around a map whilst trying to maintain velocity to make jumps. Let’s Play — How Subscriptions are Transforming the Gaming World, [Horror Game Review] Calm Time: A Supremely Disturbing Murder Sim, All in the Family: ‘Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy — Deluxe…, Rhythm and Blues — DOOM: Eternal’s unique pace of play. This is the term used when a player kills two opponents in quick succession. – Dry: Without any nades (e.g. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game created by Valve Corporation and released on August 21st, 2012 as a successor to previous games in the series dating back to 1999. Origin: possibly the United States Army. LIT/TAGGED/HIT — Jett LIT/TAGGED/HIT 60 meaning Jett took 60 damage. This strategy can trick an opposing team that thinks they are going to have an ‘eco’ round. To link to this term in a wiki such as Wikipedia, insert the following. Players often compete to complete a course or to reach the furthest distance, A player who is making suspicious plays and may be using cheats, A player who is performing exceptionally well, Pressing the trigger key once at a time for the best accuracy and least recoil, A player who becomes toxic and mad when they are losing or not performing well, Where a cheater switches their cheats on and off to try to cover their cheats up. - Dry: Without any nades (e.g. See more words with the same meaning: uncool person, jerk, asshole (general insults - list of) .

34%  (See the most vulgar words.

COUNTER-STRAFE —Tap the move key opposite to where you are going to stop immediately, giving you complete accuracy rather than moving while shooting.

TAP THE BOMB — Literally tap the defuse key to start defuse then immediately stop defusing to look for an enemy. anti-eco - know enemy team is going eco, so you buy weapons specialized for making money (smgs, shotguns). Abbreviation of competitive: The most-played game mode in the game.

Noun (2) 1939, in the meaning defined above. wall banging = shooting a player through a surface that allows bullets to penetrate. Delivered to your inbox! (To be honest, no aim punch unless you get head-shot in this game so for me it’s not that bad). Dink: An enemy player who is wearing a helmet and has been shot in the head but not killed with a weapon such as an M4, FAMAS, Galil or pistols: Double Peek: Two players peeking a specific direction at the same time in an effort to get a trade: Drop: Where a player requires a weapon due to insufficient funds “Need a drop pls” Dropped an X bomb SAFE PLANT — Planting the bomb in the safest area possible to ensure a bomb plant. Valorant is a game that is coming into a genre with a lot of history and many players coming in from CSGO. When a player or team attacks or pushes the opposing team’s position. To link to this term in a web page or blog, insert the following. Last edited on Mar 07 2018. Last edited on Mar 07 2018. A player who is either a natural or elected leader of the team. Let us know in the comments section and we’ll update our glossary. Usually called by a team leader in mid-to-high-level play. Most weapons use the following recoil pattern: up, slightly left, right and left. Last edited on Mar 07 2018. pcw = personal clan war. Totem = to stand on another player and defend an area. Dink definition is - dinghy. The kills that a player makes when the opposing team retreats are known as exit frags.

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