edd says paid but no money in account

edd says paid but no money in account

Says paid on the site but card comes up empty. A couple people said they got it at 1:30. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. And another said they had just got their payment. Same here. Edit: paid by 630, in Riverside ca my claim history says paid for.8 weeks..yet no money was issued ..waiting on the edd debit card..starving and in debt ,second day without eating ..lights will cut off in 3 days,and two rent payments behind,just got eviction notice today...and some one stole my car battery and broke the window.. *Correction* mine does say paid for those weeks but there hasn't been a deposit. I’m in California as well haven’t yet received my deposit as well three family members haven’t either hopefully tomorrow morning. But I would think it's all automatic. Unlike most of you mine doesn't say paid for the weeks after the 19th. Maybe it's taking longer today fingers crossed because same it's never been past 1 day ( Monday morning) and it's 130 almost now, says paid on edd website. Will post if the money hits my account. Where do you live? The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Idk maybe their just way behind from everyone filling new claims. Hi there, I was approved for unemployment and was given my first pay out on the relicard on the 1st, even though it says it was paid out I never got my relicard in the mail. You've only been waiting for a little more than a day.... take a chill pill. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. No Deposit yet still. Maybe it's taking longer today fingers crossed because same it's never been past 1 day ( Monday morning) and it's 130 almost now, says paid on edd website. Hi All, I just got my deposit today at 1:02pm PT hope everyone get theirs soon!

No freaking out I am new to this sight how do I see what happened with the those who have posted this same issue 4months ago? Certified at 1am Sunday. I'm getting the exact same thing. I think it’s just random when people will receive the money. I normally file every 2 weeks on Sunday and get my deposit directly in to the EDD Debit account without fail that same Sunday night. Im in the same boat, my payment usually comes on Monday and mine is showing the same info as yours. I get it around 6pm on Sunday. I’m in CA so wondering if it’ll be a few more hours if you are a few hours or so ahead...? It’s been pretty typical! So the site acknowledges that the payment has not yet been issued, but the status is shown as "Paid" meaning all I need to do is wait typically. They’re processing so many payments but it’s totally normal to wait a few days for the money … Same situation for about 5 friends of mine and myself. However I'm worried because there hasn't been this long of a delay before and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar delays?

It's now Monday, and there's no sign of it showing on my account. I hope this means since it's not an supposed individual problem..that it'll be fixed as a whole as well, and soon. Looks like it just took a little longer than normal but it’s on it’s way. I'm trying to call them and it's next to impossible to reach them with the automated messages stating there's too many people trying to connect to them. I usually get mine that sunday night after filling my claim for my weeks. I'm happy im not the only one. And I'm getting 450 now is that supposed to be every week or 450 every 2 weeks? Will post if the money hits my account. I always do mine, Same with me. Got it guys! I certified on Sunday as usual but still haven't been paid. On the EDD claims history it shows that I'm already approved like every other time, and the status is "Paid", However, the payment that was supposed to be issued still has not come out yet so it shows "last payment issued on 3/15/20 (not 3/28/19)".

Latest update - 10/30/2020 - I just received five snail mail letters from EDD all at … I'm hoping that once this is received and verified by EDD, the weeks I certified for that are pending will be released and I will be paid. At least was the same the week ending the 18th. seems like this may be a common issue as I've encountered another user who's also in the same situation as we are. My delayed EDD payment just hit my card about 20 mins ago!

I forgot there was one last 600 dollar payment also so it was more than I expected. Anyone know? The money is on the way guys!! I set up my next payment for direct deposit which was paid out on the 13th, but it’s still not in my account. My weeks moved to paid in a day, but took 3 days to move to payment history. A place for your unemployment insurance questions. Yea the same is happening to me also. Happened to me this morning usually get it Monday morning not today though keep us updated if you get paid. The letter from EDD comes with a return envelope, however, postage must be paid for by the sender. Im new to claiming unemployment do i have to do it every week ? Pleasantly surprised!! Haven’t received anything. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Unemployment community. I used to get my payment like at 3 a.m Monday morning and the edd website says that it's been paid on payment history but when I check the BofA debit card there's no deposit. Same boat...usually posts sunday eve...nothing yet and it's after 10am monday.....anyone get paid yet? Edd says paid but no money in account Edd says paid but no money in account

I understand your payments usually come that night but, look at it from a logical standpoint. Has to be something with the fact that the extra 600 ended.

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