is injustice 2 comic finished

is injustice 2 comic finished

Species. The series is released weekly. Zsasz can be replaced with another assassin or mercenary, and Dick can still be killed by Damian, but with the writers retconning it into a better death in the Injustice 2 comic. Batman fights Superman, Damien kills Zsasz and then leaves with Superman. No more work for hire. So I just finished story mode on Injustice 2, and noticed a few things. Damien also killed Zsasz in the Injustice 2 opening, but in the comics Zsasz is alive to kill Alfred in year 5. Writer of year 5 had said that was a mistake and it's non canon since he died in year 1. You could read Ground Zeroes if you prefer. Rants & Reviews About Gaming, Entertainment & "The Works", Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, Looking For Our Shows? :P. Dialogue intros can reference everything from canon events to comic events to what-if scenarios and all are valid for that simulated battle.

Killer Croc in the Injustice 2 Bat cave transition also looks like the original version, but in the Injustice 1 asylum transition he looked like the one from the Arkham games. But instead of just having a single season pass, they go one step behind to try to steal your money. Watch a couple take a break or something.

There's always the possibility that as the first chapter is a flashback during Batman's hearin thing, that Wayne himself edited details of the events during his telling of them to reduce Harley's role in the breakout now she's on his team, and reduce further animosity Damien might receive from the public due to killing Nightwing. He's part of the story, yet he died like issue 1 of the comic. Now Scarecrow shows up as a tertiary level antagonist in Injustice 2. From today, I'll decide who needs to die. Best way for Tom Taylor to fix this is with time travel (The Flash). Everything you read in Year 5, you have to take now with a grain of salt. Red Hood/Injustice Comic < Red Hood. Once again, I'm not mad about a season pass, I'm disgusted that they are selling a sub-season pass. I feel a little pissed that I bought all the hardcover editions of the comic only to find out that they aren't even being acknowledged. Considering main canon, Zsasz can just be replaced with someone else for Alfred's death (he is still dead) and Damian still killed Dick, just another time in another place. Sidebar. I noticed a lot of inconsistencies with Injustice 2. I thought they were going in a direction different than the video game to tell a story. They should've made a comic of the main storyline too :(. Everything I was worried about back in June has come true. I recently finished Injustice Year 5 Vol 3., which is the finale trade paperback in the Injustice series. As if NetherRealm Studios think that there is someone that stupid, that thick headed, that will spend more than $60 but less than $100 for the deluxe edition. The remaining Titans, including Superboy, Starfire, and Tim Drake, were trapped by Superman in some portal in the comics. Because the events in the game completely contradict what happens in the comic?

The series acts as a prequel, taking place during the five years before the main events of the game's storymode. Like there's the Game Continuity and the Comic Continuity. For scarecrow you need to remember i don't think anyone calls him crane, batman asks who is under that mask in one intro, and lastly scarecrow died in year 1 and showed up again in year 5 so scarecrow has been complicated and i choose to believe the timeline was altered somewhere along the way. And there's an entirely new series coming out end of this year? Do you not play the games?

So you just dropped 60 bucks on a remastered game, just to have them tell you that the cool new characters are about $5 a pop. That doesn't even make sense. Its like every game and every issue has their own Scarecrow continuity. Well, we all are, because we're less than six months away and still don't know the whole roster size. I would say that I'm surprised, but this is business as usual at NetherRealm Studios.

He was alive for quite sometime and kills Alfred in the comic. Skins that were in the last Injustice, FOR FREE! Now that they've released the Injustice 2 game they're starting the Injustice 2 prequel comics. They still canon. Grasping at straws really but it's a possibility.

Now, they're premium skins that can only be unlocked via the $100 ultimate edition! It would be the game that's not canon, but maybe. Visit The Brand New RAGE Works Podcast Network. Batman fights Superman, Damien kills Zsasz and then leaves with Superman.

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