mark latham tsunami

mark latham tsunami

The brief statement marked his first public appearance since he embarked on annual leave over the Christmas break, during which time he reportedly suffered a second bout of pancreatitis. ... Allard, Tom; & Metherell, Mark (11 October 2004). and call a spade a spade. Last night the only mention of the matter on the ALP website was a limp list of links from National Secretary Tim Gartrell. The spin-doctors were already despairing of it long before the pancreatis returned. The exception was a state one, three weeks ago in Western Australia, which showed the opposition streets ahead. Labor heavies will admit – off the record, on the QT and very hush-hush – that they have taken a calculated risk to renew and recycle their federal leader by keeping him out of media until Parliament returns next months. I've never heard either of them respond to each other's claims about this.Latham went seriously downhill in the year following the election loss; I believe it was due to the pressure of ill health.

Just to make sure the necessary “lessons” had been learnt, Murdoch’s Australian ran an editorial on January 25 admonishing Beazley for his past misdemeanors, and declaring that: “Mr Beazley dragged Labor, which had heroically opened up production and the financial markets under Bob Hawke, back down the cul-de-sac of protectionism”, and “it was under Beazley that Labor adopted opposition for opposition’s sake in the Senate, dealing itself out of the reform game and drawing a curtain on the Hawke-Keating achievements”. Then you have the whole question of telling the truth and basic communication with your colleagues which is another matter altogether. A decade on, the member for Werriwa was opposition leader and gearing up for the 2004 election campaign. Doing what you believe and not paying attention to polls can admirable. Within a few hours his complaint was diagnosed as pancreatitis - an inflammation of the pancreas that, in serious cases, is life threatening.

“In a pointed barb at Mr Latham, the Foreign Affairs Minister said this week the offer remained on the table, but is now ‘up to them’ to respond to…”.

The ubiquitous “senior party sources” quoted in reports last week all made comments along the lines of “no-one’s going to kick a bloke when he’s down”. “The Labor Party in opposition is now more vital than ever.”. Kevin Rudd rose to the occasion today with a characteristically dull but competent op-ed in The Australian.

Yesterday, days after the subject first came under discussion, Labor foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd urged the Prime Minister to put pressure on Burma’s military regime to provide more details about the impact of the tsunami in the country. Just like all their reporters did, for example. Kevin Rudd point blank refusing to say whether he knew Latham was ill, even though he said he’d been in contact with him over the tsunami response in recent days; Acting leader Chris Evans flubbing his way through a press conference giving the impression he was in contact with the leader all along.

Four months later, countries across the Indian Ocean had been ravaged by a tsunami.

But a word of advice to the office: when you’re sending out a media release it’s best to put the recipients in the BCC field, otherwise you reveal to all and sundry who’s on your mailing list.

But Labor’s acting leader, Chris Evans, did release a statement this afternoon welcoming the PM’s announcement of a national day of mourning to acknowledge the victims of the Tsunami disaster. Having been lavishly flattered by the media during his bid for leadership as well as in the months prior to the election, he had begun to consider himself a man of destiny, capable of leading Labor out of the electoral wilderness.

Labor should not have waited to be caught out. I found this article: I lost a so-called friend because I wrote something she disagreed with.

What crisis management? A simple statement 10 days ago when Latham was first confined to bed would have defused the whirlwind now blowing up about his leadership. Two disease scares have marked the political career of Mark Latham.

And now they won’t stop digging the hole they’re in.

With the next day’s paper dominated by tsunami news, the story didn’t get a run.

Grattan, Michelle; Schubert, Misha (10 November 2007).

When you consider that Bush and Blair also copped plenty of grief for staying on leave for too long, it is not unreasonable to expect Latham to cop the same. “Mark Latham has failed to respond to Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer’s offer of a formal briefing on the tsunami tragedy and confirmed yesterday he had no immediate plans to interrupt his four-week summer holiday,” she wrote. I love how you work through these things.Latham was not well loved.He did come accross as a bully. "And it raised the obvious point that men in their 30s ... this can be a real issue and the lesson is do something about it quickly. I have spoken to Labor Leader Mark Latham this morning. If Labor is this badly on the nose, his colleagues are unlikely to give him two months, much less two years. I was acting Leader, but when there was some call for Mark to be publicly available we thought it best to release the information,” Evans breezily explained. Crisis management? Meanwhile, the PM bestrides the word looking every part the munificent global statesman.

“The point is he was on leave anyway. June 1994 - Mr Latham diagnosed with testicular cancer. But the reporter’s calls obviously stirred up the somnolent possums within Labor and alerted government people to a delicious political opportunity waiting to be had. It appears that he could not even be reached by leading party colleagues.

Apparently not. Now Bob Carr and Beattie and Gallup have come out, calling for the situation to be 'resolved'. Mark William Latham (born 28 February 1961) is an Australian politician.

And no-one should say that they’re impossible: remember 2001 in Queensland, when Newspoll correctly forecast a 10% swing to Labor, despite general disbelief from psephologists (including this one).

As it stands, Latham loses on the swings and the roundabouts. Jenny Macklin’s first media release as acting leader was 20 December. The White House counsel muses that if news of the president’s health had been successfully massaged, so that no-one has ever actually done anything wrong, then that in itself would be proof of a conspiracy. Kruddy?

The favorable media coverage, especially from the Murdoch press, was not because of his supposed statesman-like qualities, but because of his right-wing, regressive social policies, which openly repudiated any return to Labor’s reformist past. Rudd point blank refused to say whether he knew Latham was ill – even though he said he’d been in contact with him in recent days over the tsunami response.

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