rainbow clown makeup

rainbow clown makeup

We have found 63 of the best clown makeup ideas.

Trace the line with black eyeliner to set the two sections apart, then use white face paint and red lip liner to complete the clown look. It will be easy to recreate too.

A post shared by Safai Kelly (@safai305) on Oct 30, 2019 at 4:08pm PDT. Looking for bright and unique clown makeup? [link] Cute Clown Makeup. Our next idea is a skeleton clown.

Clowns are known for a lot of different things (like eating children in street gutters, obvs) but they're also known for their use of fun colors, so incorporate that into your look! The artist has used gold on the mouth and nose with beautiful eye makeup.

She has also made her mouth look wider with sharp teeth to by painting the area around her mouth. Then, use the peach pencil to fill in your lips and trace around the white shapes, and blend out the lines with your finger. Here we have a rainbow clown. The movie IT is still scaring people all over the world which means Pennywise inspired makeup is still popular. For this cute clown makeup look worthy of a circus performer, start off with a colorful cut crease before adding dramatic black triangles above your brows and on your cheeks. If you're looking for a clown makeup look that you can wear with your regular clothes because you don't have a clown costume, this look somehow goes perfectly with chunky gold jewelry and the trendy wet hair look. Here we have another version.

A post shared by (@tianacosmetics) on Oct 29, 2019 at 2:05pm PDT.

Then, use your finger to blend the black into the red and create a gradient. Red dot on the nose? Finish with the glitter eyeshadow inside the white shapes. Here we have another version. Rainbow Clown Makeup - Bleeding rainbow colors gives this clown makeup look some cool and colorful vibes. To make your smudged eye makeup look less like a hot mess and more like it was cute and intentional, press loose glitter flecks over the top of your smoky eye and smudged under-eye triangles. As long as you have the makeup (for this you need red, white, and black costume makeup) and the time, you can create a costume without having to buy one.

There is a full list of the products used on the makeup artist’s page but the amazing lips were created with Matt lips 063 Simple Red and Glitter by Joko Makeup. No cheesy clown colors needed for this sultry clown look. Here we have more colorful and cute clown. The flower in her hair looks so stylish too. So, the artist has created a classic clown design on the eyes and lips. A pastel pink wig would look amazing.

She has even used red glitter on the lips. Don’t forget about the creases on the skin as it gives the half design a more realistic look. The eyes and nose are pretty straightforward—add a little white mark along the curves of the lines—but to nail this clown lip look, start by applying red lipstick as normal. Image via Pinterest-Instagram.com. For this look, the artist has painted her face bright white and she has used black for the clown features. It is another simple idea that is spooky and it is great for last minute events. This one features UV makeup. A post shared by Lele Pons (@lelepons) on Oct 22, 2018 at 12:39pm PDT. This time she has black clown detailing on the eyes and the look is complete with a black nose and red and white mouth. Use temporary dye to get the hair look and face paint for the rest. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Why not create a cute and vibrant look like this?

The look is complete with a bandanna and shirt. Our next idea is a skeleton clown. It is a pretty look and it will be simple to create. Dramatic, elongated lips? You can recreate this look or choose glitter in a different shade. The pigtails and pretty eye makeup with happy red shadow (not mass-murderer red) set this look apart from the typical Pennywise makeup looks. Like, ignore all those associations you have with nightmares and horror movies, because modern clown makeup can also include glitter, bright colors, fluttery lashes, and shiny lipstick. She has glam eyes with clown detailing and hearts. She has also contoured her face and it has given her a scary expression. When it comes to the Joker, you've got plenty of options to go with, but for this Arthur Fleck version of clown makeup, you need blue diamonds around your eyes with tears, a red nose, and of course, green hair.

A post shared by Sydney (@sydneypurl) on Sep 23, 2020 at 10:36am PDT. A full list of the makeup used for this design can be found on the makeup artist’s page and the link is below.

Skeleton Clown Makeup. But before you find a look that inspires you, first peep this quick rundown on a basic clown makeup look: All you really need to pull off a recognizable clown makeup are the basic features: points above and below the brows, dramatic lips, and a dot on the tip of the nose (à la a big red clown nose). This time she has used rainbow colors on her eyes and around the clown features. A combination of face paint, purple lipstick, star decals, and temporary hair dye will really take this look to the next level. Give everyone a fright this Halloween with makeup like this. Here we have clown makeup that has more of a traditional look. Next, we have a cute but spooky idea.

This makeup artist has created classic clown makeup complete with a heart nose. Start by drawing the points above your brows and below your eyes with the white eyeliner. Clown makeup like this is perfect for anyone who wants to join in with Halloween but still look cute too. Makeup like this will be perfect for any last minute events and you can wear any costume with this. Yep, purple glitter. Maquillage Halloween Clown Halloween Makeup Clown Amazing Halloween Makeup Halloween Makeup Looks Halloween Eyes Halloween 2018 Cute Clown Makeup Pretty Halloween Halloween Make Up Scary.

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