robotrek run commands

robotrek run commands

Buy, make, or get a Smoke and a Clean. Slash once, then second blow sends enemy flying (inflicts damage). I need to reach level 3 after I collect the rusty drill in the cave to save a trip back to town and a lot of time.

They are rare enemies though so it's not usually a concern. Conveniently, they are in the first room, too. Blackmore: Use Shield Pack and RRR. Your party consists only of the hero character. They are simply not worth it.

Wow.Inventor's Friends: None! The game tries to trick us by giving us scraps that are immediately usable (scrap 1 combines with swords, but it can be used to combine with axes if you save it), but since we know better, we save them for later. The game lies. Huge. Anyways, Meta Crab is simple: walk to the second farthest tile I can, and fire.

This bonus counts for all enemies killed. In this run, I fight Meta Crab with Shot 1, but in the past I have upgraded it to Shot 2 to boost my damage a bit.

Right hand weapon : The same as pressing R without entering the action menu. Now, the enemies in the lower cave (after you save the children and return to fight Meta Crab) are much harder than mines and gels, etc.

The Mamurana fight is really easy...normally. At some point in the beginning of the game, I got a 1000 GP drop from an enemy. Create a free website or blog at

All three robots are the same. I finally managed to regain my composure just in time for: Gateau 1: Turbo Pack and RRR.

You can close the attack menu and return to the action menu by pressing B.

Get into a fight, and when your robot comes out, turn around use the RUN command to do a special hit slash three times to do over 200 HP of damage.

The game lies. I guess I'll try to break up this game into chunks based on boss fights.

When you use XRR, the robot will jump over the enemy and hit him twice behind the back. I think I finished with 1 repair left. It is very tricky to kill them. I think I died 3 times and got one crit against her.

I didn't even know that ho-hos could even drop 1000 GP, so I was very surprised to see that! For some reason, he got stuck in this weird AI loop where he wouldn't run far away from me and I was able to get a load of back attacks on him. The 5 HP is just for a bit of safety. I don't remember who dropped it, but I remember getting one.

^_^ Additionally, I need to thank lich for his help in planning this run, Omnigamer for investigating the game mechanics and RNG for me, Rakuen for putting up the bounty for a run of this, and Exo for letting me use his name (and for buying Slapstick for me!). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. When I reach level 4, I put all 10 points into energy because of the battle with the commander at ~24:10.

Without those map errors, this would have been quite close to 3:40. Backup robot is crucial.

In this run, I create two robots.

The ones in red cannot be executed. That is his role in this game. He has 5200 HP.

Thanks to everybody at SDA for everything they continue to do for all of us!

After I reach 10 and read the IF books, I head to the R&D room to create relay, shield 3, and my second robot (&)! The rest of the game basically comes down to using vanish to get through dungeons, making sure to unequip it once in awhile so you don't lose it, and then killing bosses. You get 0.1 Megs, if the timer is below 10s. Change ), How to Show Kids that Mobile Games are Bad Video Games. I have to keep unequipping vanish every once in awhile or else it'll go away forever.

I had a lot of 2-3 enemy encounters and even got a 1.0 MEG bonus from a capsule!

Similarly, if an enemy is facing away from you (either to the side or backwards) and you run into them directly, you will go first.

My solution for quickly dealing with them is to pour my points into power and kill them with RXR anyways. I almost didn't even beat the game! The luck is way too frustrating, and I'm actually very happy with how this turned out. The Japense version also has one extra cutscene which lasts for ~18 seconds, and it has something different in the menu. It doesn't seem like it would make much of a difference, but he is the only robot that can get a guaranteed 2HKO on shells and a 3 round fight on Big Eye. 16 normal, 3 crits.

Demonic Spiders: If you ever run into an invisible enemy, prepare for pain. The RUN option in this menu is perhaps the main confusion for new players. I even practiced before I moved! Go to a R&D, make nine Sword2 and combine them with Sword4 to get Sword4 l.v.9. Thanks to this really awesome Robotrek site, I found out that there are two hidden items in the shrine: 1000 GP and hammer 2! If all your robots are dead, it is game over. To get it in a run is unbelievable. At first, just go in until the mushroom on the left starts moving, and run away from it (hold down B), then go off to the side and run into it from the side or behind. Boots 5 (from Scrap 9+3?) I make loads of menu errors in that version. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Instead of fighting against berets until then, it is faster to fight shells in the tunnel. These robots are built from spare parts that are acquired in various ways.

Some enemies have an inherent resistance to programs (spiders, ho hos, berets, some bosses, etc), which presents a problem. Shields are, hands down, the most broken things in this game. It is possible to create up to 3 different robots in Robotrek. (Add VOD later.). Seriously, how the hell did these battles happen? Anyways, I kill two of them, reach level 20, backtrack to my house, read IF20, create vanish, swap DVDs, and then finish this section without any fear of battles. RX (when R is a shot-type weapon) also hits every enemy on screen, but it is far less accurate and the damage varies wildly. This particular fight was really scary because he opened with the blue orb and fired one immediately afterwards.

Edit this page; Backlinks; Main Menu.

I think when I finished this run I had been playing Robotrek for 11 hours or so. Warp to the front of your enemy line and slash each of then and knock them over. I recycle the scrap 2 instead of pocket 500 GP.

I switch & to a 1-99-0-90-0 stat distribution for Big Eye (and the rest of the game!). At the start of a battle up to three enemies appear on the left side of the screen. I just want to hit capsules, hope for good bonuses, and then RXR to victory.

My luck is so incredibly bad in this run that I use up both smokes super early and have to just wait out the timer for all of the other instances. He usually lasers and then flies over to the right side of the screen. It's kind of tough to explain. This mechanic allows us to create incredibly overpowered equipment very early in the game by collecting and saving certain scraps instead of combining them immediately into low-level gear. At level 5, I adjust my stats for the Meta Crab fight. The disk swap happened at ~1:58:04 in the video.

I fight most battles down here until I reach level 5. (Add VOD later.) Confusion: Represented by over the robot’s head.

Normally a really easy fight, which means that at the end of a very good, it'll be an awful fight. I only fight mushrooms, mines, and gels at this point because they are very safe enemies and the experience doesn't vary enough with the other enemies to make it worth the effort. Every time you do this, you will gain $30. The player controls a young inventor who battles using robots instead of doing the fighting himself, much like Pokemon (but this came first!). I did this run on the US version despite having the Japanese version (thanks, Exo!) The RUN commands above are listed on the poster included in the boxed version of Robotrek. I shift my stat points around during several critical points in the game to ensure that my robot is always appropriately set up to deal with the enemies of the next area. Open another sub-menu for more options, the attack menu. For forced battles, I switch from Turbo/Shield Pack to bomb 1 so I can use RXR again.

Well, I'm playing the game for the third time, thought I'd try and get a compilation of the RUN commands going since none of the FAQs seem to have one. Shields give a boost to defense and evasion, and have a chance to block stuff on their own.

With shot 1, I do ~36 damage, and Meta Crab has 200 HP, so it's a 5 round fight. Since then, I have been revising the route almost constantly, and have only really settled on a final route a few weeks before I did this run.

I am basing these comments almost entirely on the route that I posted in the SDA forums, so please excuse if some of it doesn't match up exactly. <_< Again, I recommend downloading the run and watching with audio commentary because that is accurate and covers all of this same information as needed.

Yea. The ultimate goal is to reach level 20. That's absurd! On your turn, you can move the robot around in the highlighted area and perform an action to finish the turn. A skill may be red, because your robot does not carry the necessary items.

List of Run Commands. This battle happens to be my best ever fight against him. If there are no enemies, you just swing.

Combine them to make a Repair, then recycle it. I need IF 9 too because that lets me level the axe. The RUN commands above are listed on the poster included in the boxed version of Robotrek.

Hands down. When he starts battle, he normally gets to go first and normally kills me.

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