sara berner cause of death

sara berner cause of death

Bernhardt replied that she was finished with the theater and was going to move to Brittany and start a farm. This was followed by revivals of her other major successes, including Phédre, Theodora, Gismonda, and La Dame aux Camélias, plus Octave Feuillet's Dalila, Gaston de Wailly's Patron Bénic, and Rostand's La Samaritaine, a poetic retelling of the story of the Samaritan woman at the well from the Gospel of St. John. In August 1889, Bernhardt learned that he had taken an overdose of morphine in Marseille.

[citation needed] In June 1867, she played two roles in Athalie by Jean Racine; the part of a young woman and a young boy, Zacharie, the first of many male parts she played in her career. Maurice married a Polish princess, Maria Jablonowska, of the House of Jablonowski, with whom he had two daughters: Simone, who married Edgar Gross, son of a wealthy Philadelphia soap manufacturer; and Lysiana, who married the playwright Louis Verneuil.

[199] When he was King, he travelled on the royal yacht to visit her at her summer home on Belle-Île. Best Native American History Books, By the end of the siege, Bernhardt's hospital had cared for more than 150 wounded soldiers, including a young undergraduate from the École Polytechnique, Ferdinand Foch, who later commanded the Allied armies in the First World War.[54]. The co-director of the theater for finance, Charles de Chilly, wanted to reject her as unreliable and too thin, but Duquesnel was enchanted; he hired her for the theater at a modest salary of 150 francs a month, which he paid out of his own pocket. Nonetheless, her film is cited as one of the first examples of a sound film.[152]. She wrote later that she also pitched her voice too high, and was unable to lower it. "[89] However, the abrupt end of her marriage shortly after the premiere put her back into financial distress. She gradually enlarged the estate, purchasing a neighboring hotel and all the land with a view of the property, but in 1922, as her health declined, she abruptly sold it and never returned.

[39] Rosner remained Berner's agent despite their separation in 1954, but she filed for divorce in May 1958, citing "extreme" verbal cruelty. Doucet recommended her to Edouard Thierry, the chief administrator of the Théâtre Français,[23] who offered Bernhardt a place as a pensionnaire at the theater, at a minimum salary. It was extremely popular, and critically acclaimed. [58] In 1873, with just 74 hours to learn the lines and practice the part, she played the lead in Racine's Phédre, playing opposite the celebrated tragedian, Jean Mounet-Sully, who soon became her lover. [97] Bernhardt had built up large expenses, which included a 10,000 francs a month allowance paid to her son Maurice, a passionate gambler. Fifty works by Bernhardt have been documented, of which 25 are known to still exist. It starred Janet McTeer as Bernhardt and it was directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel. Between 1886 and 1922, she spent nearly every summer, the season when her theater was closed, on Belle-Île. To install click the Add extension button.

The play opened on 26 December 1884 and ran for 300 performances in Paris, and 100 in London, and was a financial success. Chilly, who knew Bernhardt's moods well, told her that he understood and accepted her decision, and would give the role to Jane Essler, a rival actress. When Bernhardt returned to France, she brought with her a chest filled with $194,000 in gold coins. Both girls died in the hospice in Le Havre a month later. [149] The inscription on her tombstone is the name "Bernhardt". This was produced by Eclipse and directed by Louis Mercanton and René Hervil from the play by Tristan Bernard. "[55] Reviewing her performance of Ruy Blas in 1872, the critic Théodore de Banville wrote that Bernhardt "declaimed like a bluebird sings, like the wind sighs, like the water murmurs. He put in a good word for her with the National Minister of the Arts, Camille Doucet. This was produced by Le Film d’Art and directed by André Calmettes from the play by Victorien Sardou.

Examples are stocks, bonds and options. The next day, he sent her a note: "Madame, you were great and charming; you moved me, me the old warrior, and, at a certain moment when the public, touched and enchanted by you, applauded, I wept. "[115], The Théâtre Sarah Bernhardt (now the Théâtre de la Ville)(c. 1905), Despite her successes, her debts continued to mount, reaching two million gold francs by the end of 1898. She wrote in her memoirs that Provost taught her diction and grand gestures, while Samson taught her the power of simplicity. The critics and audiences were not impressed, and the play was unsuccessful. She continued to entertain guests at her home.

She recuperated for several months, with her condition improving; she began preparing for a new role as Cleopatra in Rodogune by Corneille, and agreed to make a new film by Sasha Guitry called La Voyante, for a payment of 10,000 francs a day. He had little acting experience, but Bernhardt signed him as a leading man just before she departed on the tour, assigned him a compartment in her private railway car, and took him as her escort to all events, functions, and parties. Gary Barlow And Lulu Crooner, The teachers ranked her 14th in tragedy and second in comedy.

She was transported to Bordeaux, where on 22 February 1915, a surgeon amputated her leg almost to the hip. [150], Bernhardt in the film Camille (La Dame aux camélias) with André Calmettes (1911), As Queen Elizabeth in the film Les Amours de la reine Élisabeth (The Loves of Queen Elizabeth) with Lou Tellegen (1912), Bernhardt was one of the first actresses to star in moving pictures. She paid particular attention to the use of the voice, "the instrument the most necessary to the dramatic artist." Rostand called her "the queen of the pose and the princess of the gesture", while Hugo praised her "golden voice". She recited the Marseillaise, dressed in a white robe with a tricolor banner, and at the end dramatically waved the French flag. The sound of the clashing wooden prop swords was not loud and realistic enough, so Maurice had a stage hand bang pieces of metal together in sync with the sword fight. Bernhardt sold the original work, the molds, and signed plaster miniatures, earning more than 10,000 francs. She apologized profusely, and when the doorkeeper retired 20 years later, she bought a cottage for him in Normandy. She did not notify the Prince. He announced that the theater would reopen in October 1871, and he asked her to play the lead in a new play, Jean-Marie by André Theuriet. [14] Regardless, she accepted the last rites shortly before her death. Abrupt In A Sentence, Maurice did not become an actor, but worked for most of his life as a manager and agent for various theaters and performers, frequently managing his mother's career in her later years, but rarely with great success.

"I shall see them," she explained. And yet I can remember the smallest events from my childhood. This story of tolerance, coming soon after the Dreyfus affair, was financially successful, with Bernhardt often giving both a matinee and evening performance. [136] The tour took her from Boston to Jacksonville, through Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, to Canada and Minnesota, usually one new city and one performance every day. Bernhardt's biographer described him as "handsome as Adonis, insolent, vain, and altogether despicable.

[15], In 1859, Bernhardt learned that her father had died overseas. When the tour ended, he remained in the United States, where he briefly became a silent movie star, while she returned to France in May 1913.

He told her, "I can forgive you, and you'll eventually forgive yourself, but Racine in his grave never will. The 56-year-old actress studied the walk and posture of young cavalry officers and had her hair cut short to impersonate the young Duke. [35], In November 1950, Berner was photographed outside a mobile X-ray unit as part of an awareness campaign by the Los Angeles County X-ray Survey Foundation that encouraged screenings to help combat the spread of tuberculosis. The German eagle has fallen into the Rhine! Bernhardt travelled to Ravenna, Italy, to study and sketch the costumes seen in Byzantine mosaic murals, and had them reproduced for her own costumes. "[42] Soon, however, with different plays and more experience, her performances improved; she was praised for her performance of Cordelia in King Lear. Bernhardt was a Roman Catholic, and did not want to divorce him. [12][13][14] Intended as a one-time appearance, they began recurring roles in the 1945-46 season, and in early 1947, Berner and Benaderet momentarily took over the actual NBC switchboards in Hollywood for publicity photos. She abolished in her theater the common practice of hiring claqueurs in the audience to applaud stars. Bernhardt was diagnosed with uremia, and had to have an emergency kidney operation. When asked who his father was, she sometimes answered, "I could never make up my mind whether his father was Gambetta, Victor Hugo, or General Boulanger.

She moved again, taking her family to Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

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