st petersburg polytechnic university ranking

st petersburg polytechnic university ranking

Among the polytechnic students who participated in the Revolutionary events were the future bolshevik Mikhail Frunze and the future writer Yevgeny Zamyatin. Originally there were four departments: Economics, Shipbuilding, Electro-mechanics and Metallurgy. In November 1940, the Institute almost got its original name back. Despite the war the institute did not stop its work. Before the end of the siege the Polytechnic Institute evaluated 19 dissertations, many related to military defense. Official website about higher education in Russia for international students, Russian Universities in World University Rankings, 5 Steps to Applying to a Russian University, Admission office: Head of Admission Office - Nataliia Makhanova, The latest news for international prospective students, If you find a mistake, select it and press Ctrl+Enter. The University has the 11th place among the top 100 Russia’s universities. 7th best university in Russia for the quality of education in 2012. uniRank tries to answer this question by publishing the 2020 Russian University Ranking of 376 Russian higher-education institutions meeting the following uniRank selection criteria: . SPbSPU consists of structural units called Institutes divided into three categories:[2]. The basis for this type of ranking is the result of the evaluation by groups of indicators: "scientific achievements", "innovative activity", "innovation infrastructure". Boilers and Turbines (Всесоюзный котлотурбинный). The University hosts lots of high-level international symposiums and conferences, publishes tens of scientific magazines and scholarly books. In the Autumn of 1922 the Institute obtained the new Agricultural Faculty at the site of the closed Agricultural Institute in Tsarskoe Selo.

: +7 (812) 606 62 41 E-mail:, 29, Polytechnicheskaya st., Saint Petersburg, 195251, Russian Federation, 所有上榜的高校都有一个总分和四项指标类别的得分。但只有总分或指标类别排列在前500的高校才会公开得分。, studies abroad for a semester or two to our partner universities, Degree Programs in Russian (BSc, MSc, PhD), Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences, Politics & International Studies (incl Development Studies), Head of Mass Spectrometry, ASSET Technology Centre, Research Associate in Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Information Technology Training Coordinator, Automation systems modeling and development, Clinic research and medical device development, Monitoring and forecasting of emergency situations, Communication network reliability and network security, Additive technologies to develop new materials and structures. Home; Rankings; Rankings. SPbPU ranks high in the global academic community. One student, M. Savinkov, was killed during the Bloody Sunday events of January 22 [O.S. Now it was named the Kalinin Politechnical Institute (Leningradskij Politekhnicheskij Institut imeni Kalinina) after the President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet Mikhail Kalinin. The foundations of engineering education in Russia were laid by the Russian Tsar Peter the Great. Library provides access to wide range of international resources and databases. In another laboratory another student of the Institute, Léon Theremin worked on the development of electronic musical instruments. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University has a prominent role in the scientific and educational community of the country and the world, seeking to integrate science and research activity into the educational process. Research in the University makes up a significant part of its activity. Alferov, famous physicists A.F. He wished the participants good luck and reminded how important to learn to solve nonstandard problems. January 9] 1905. The library possesses collection of more than 4 000 000 volumes.

In 2012, SPbPU was ranked among the top 400 universities in the World. In tsarist Russia it was subordinated to the Ministry of Finance; its students and faculty wore the uniform of the ministry. Deep integration of scientific research into the study process results in the high quality of academic programs provided by the University. International students countries of origin include US, UK, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden and most of the CIS state members. Ломшаков) and L.N. University is welcoming international students and offers a wide range of various programs: International Office:Tel. In November 1918 Sovnarkom abolished all forms of scientific decrees, licenses and certifications.

St Petersburg Polytechnic University was founded in 1899. It was built as a university campus to the northwest from the then city borders. The seminar prepared three Nobel Prize-winners and many other prominent Russian physicists. Eventually, this seminar became the core of the Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute. Кареев), A.S. Lomshakov (А.С. The Institute itself was encircled by stanchions and barbed wire and transformed into a Red Army fortification. The main person promoting the creation of this university was the Finance Minister Count Sergei Witte. The idea was advanced by agricultural scientist and Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Kovalevsky and the chemist Dmitri Mendeleev who are often considered to be the founders of the school. Nowadays SPbPU has 20 dissertation councils, 30 international R&D centers, 20+ small innovative enterprises, 70+ modern laboratories, 200+ industrial projects. [3] However, it is often still referred to as the Polytechnic Institute. Яснопольский). From year to year, the University expands its international partnership network. The institute was opened to students on October 1, 1902. The Institute developed projects of the Volkhov hydroelectric dam on the Volkhov River and the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station on the Dnieper River. By the spring of 1922 there were 2800 students on the campus. Our students are provided with such attractive options as to going for studies abroad for a semester or two to our partner universities, on-campus accommodation, scholarships for talented students, and plenty of resources to do a profound research. The reaction of the student body was so strong that classes only resumed in September 1906, almost two years later. On February 15, 2012 National Research SPbSPU and Schneider Electric has opened a Joint International Research and Educational Center "Schneider Electric – Polytechnic". Institute shops filled military contracts. Founded more than 120 year ago SPbPU is now the major school of higher technical education in Russia. In autumn 1920, due to the cold weather and the absence of heating some lectures were only attended by one or two students. Antonov, and many other talented and famous scientists had taught and studied here.

In 1988, the new Physics-Technical (Fiziko-Tekhnichesky) Department (faculty) of the Institute was created. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University situated in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The number of students enrolled at the Polytechnic Institute reached the 1914 level of 6,000.

By sectors. Multidisciplinary education allows to choose from a broad variety of up-to-date educational fields taught both in Russian and English. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, abbreviated as SPbPU (also, formerly "Saint Petersburg State Technical University", abbreviated as SPbSTU), is a major Russian technical university located in Saint Petersburg. In 1914 the number of students reached 6,000. St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is happy to offer international programs taught both in Russian and in English, which are very popular among students from all over the world. 441–460 in QS World University Rankings 2013/14, 71 for Faculty Student in QS 2013/14 Survey Indices; 488 for International Students in QS 2013/14 Survey Indices. Other former names included Peter the Great Polytechnic Institute (Политехнический институт императора Петра Великого) and Kalinin Polytechnic Institute (Ленинградский политехнический институт имени Калинина).

The university has undergone several name changes throughout its existence. One of these 15 students in the Soviet was Pyotr Kapitsa, the future Nobel-prize winner in physics.

In the beginning 1919 there were only around 500 students at the University. Some students, like future Soviet military commander Leonid Govorov studied at the institute for one month. In total the University has graduated over 150,000 students. Industrial Agriculture (Индустриального сельского хозяйства). In April 1934, most of these institutes were merged back into the Leningrad Industrial Institute.

Witte viewed establishing a first-class engineering school loosely modeled by the French École Polytechnique as an important step towards the industrialization of Russia. Semyonov, Z.I. After the end of the war the Institute was rebuilt. Part of the institute's buildings were transferred into the Maria Fyodorovna Hospital at that time the largest military hospital in Russia. Positions of the Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University are based on the rankings made by Expert RA (the largest rating agency in Russia and CIS). With the onset of the eastern front of World War II, 3500 students went to the army and hundreds were involved in constructing fortifications to the university itself. The university is considered to be one of the top research facilities in Russian Federation and CIS member states and is a leading educational facility in the field of applied physics and mathematics, industrial engineering, chemical engineering, aerospace engineering and other academic disciplines. Physics and mechanics (Физико-механического), Finances and Economics (Финансово-экономический) and. In 1926, Sovnarkom re-established the title Engineer and allowed "children of working intelligentsia" to enter the tertiary schools; prior to this only workers and children of workers were allowed.

Our University has always been among the leaders of higher education – TOP-3 among Russian technical universities by number of international students.

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