toyman powers

toyman powers

Gender Red Daughter Silver Banshee | Genius level abilities regarding the creation and operation of all kinds of mechanical devices. Male Otis Graves | Maxwell Lord | Hecate | 1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Abilities 3 Notes 4 Related 4.1 Footnotes He targets Metallo, claiming the cyborg's body was based on a material stolen from his grandfather. He brings Winn to his hideout and reveals to him that he broke out of prison to get revenge on his former boss Chester Dunholtz, blaming him for separating him from his son. Winslow Schott was a quiet, nice little man who loved to make toys. Monitor | Graviton Man | Reign | Miranda Crane | Winslow Schott Sr. Hiro Okamura, the Toyman, is a teenage mechanical genius from Japan and an ally of Superman. He also states that no matter whether they succeed or fail, he and Winn will end up together either in prison or in death. Reactron | Morgan Edge | From the Plastic Man TV series. Roho | Season 5: Leviathan When Winslow doesn't move, only asking his son how he could betray him, the agents open fire but it is revealed that Winslow wasn't in the room, merely projecting himself onto a glass wall which shatters under the gunfire.

Winslow Schott Sr., nicknamed Toyman by the media, is a villain in the television series Supergirl.

Toyman was later sprung from prison and used by Intergang to help them build some deadly traps at their lair., To save the people Kara destroys a waterpipe and freezes the water, creating a wall of ice to shield the civilians from the blast. He also reveals that he kidnapped a small child, trapping her in a box which is transported through the facility on a conveyor belt. Schott's character would receive a dramatic overhaul years later, as he went from a mostly harmless minor villain to a deranged child killer.

Toyman would briefly join forces with the Cyborg Superman, thinking him a toy come to life, and together they were able to split Superman (then in his energy form) in to two beings: Superman Blue and Superman Red. Type of Villain Children of Liberty (Agent Liberty, Mercy Graves, Raymond Jensen & Natalie Hawkings) | Inside he finds another doll and is recorded by the eyes of another. DC Universe Online Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Creating lethal toys.

Schott snapped, and after strangling his guard, escaped and tracked down the toy manufacturer, demanding an explanation. Livewire | Hobby

Midnight | He had kidnapped several more children, but in his mind he saw it as them happily coming to stay with him. Toyman Heroes at level 30 encounter some of Toyman's creations at his prison on Stryker's Island as part of the daily missions. Human Indigo | He is portrayed by Henry Czerny, who also played Conrad Grayson in Revenge. Supergirl freezes the quicksand with her icy breath and catches the box before it can fall to the ground but it is revealed that the box only contains another clockwork doll. Winslow is returned to prison where, in season 3, he dies. He tells Winn that he has created a special toy gun for Winn which Winn can smuggle inside the building where Dunholtz will be receiving an award. Powers and Abilities Edit Powers Edit. Dominators. Toyman Vengeful Supervillain. After Toyman was defeated once more, Superman worked toward getting the Toyman rehabilitated, and even began making toys for disadvantaged children. Dominators | Red Daughter | Location The toymaker explained that the children simply did not want him, having no desire to play with a toy that looked like a clown instead of a serial killer. Goals Combat Rating No response came. Project Cadmus (Colonel James Harper) Parasite | Music Meister | Schott's character would receive a dramatic overhaul years later, as he went from a mostly harmless minor villain to a deranged child killer. |

Supergirl breaks through the roof and breathes in all the gas, saving the agents from certain death. For the better part of a year, Schott then tried to get a hold of the toy manufacturer, hoping that at the very least he would get a copy of the toy. Schott's failed attempts to kill Luthor with various lethal toys eventually led to an association with Intergang and a criminal career as the Toyman. Such vehicles include everything from toy Choo-Choo trains to pogo-sticks. In the alternate future, Schott was killed alongside the Prankster during an explosion in the LexCorp Tower that Lex Luthor used to frame Superman, who was losing control of his powers due to Brainiac's Exobytes. (Eve Teschmacher & Margot Morrison) | Winslow P. Schott was only a small boy when he made his first toy, a balsa-wood airplane painted blue and red. When he grew up, Schott created some of the most amazing toys ever conceived, for which he received widepread acclaim. The Elite (Manchester Black, Pamela Ferrer, The Hat & Morae) |

Reactron |

Delacore | Toyman does not have any real powers, but he is apparently a mechanical genius, capable of building giant toys that function as robots and as deadly weapons. Metropolis After escaping prison and changing his image (prompted by a voice in his head, which he identified as the voice of his mother), Toyman abducted several children in Metropolis, including Adam Grant, the son of Cat Grant. Hellgrammite | During the time Winn was young, Mary intended to escape with him but Winslow put Winn unconscious and blackmailed Mary to steer away from Winn or else he would kill Winn.

Rick Malverne | Origin T.O. Livewire | Psi |

They had a son, Winn Schott.

Mxyzptlk | Carnivore | Roulette | Eobard Thawne | Season 3: Worldkillers (Selena, Reign, Purity, Pestilence & Thomas Coville) | Project Cadmus (Lillian Luthor, Cyborg Superman & John Corben) | He calls Winn his "greatest work", claiming that together they could achieve everything. Schott would not receive any royalties, but he agreed nonetheless, ecstatic at the thought of being made into an actual toy. Schott was presumably killed, but no body was found. Silver Banshee | In addition, most of his inventions had an innocuous, or even comical appearance that causes his opponents hesitation or confusion, often to their regret.

Winn waits for his father at a toy workshop at an arcade near a yacht harbor. Season 1: Astra and Non's Army (Non, Astra, Indigo, Vartox, Hellgrammite & Maxima) | Desiring revenge, Schott adopts the persona of the Toyman and sends exploding toys to the chief executive officers of the company that fired him. Supergirl (2015)

Appex | Shadow Demons | Lillian Luthor | After being arrested for helping Intergang, Toyman had been approached by a toy manufacturer who created Superman based toys for permission to use Toyman's image as a toy. After escaping he sends his son a clockwork toy on which a message for Winn is recorded. Phil Baker | Toyman | However, in the factory, Winslow sets a trap for Supergirl and traps her in a box full of quicksand. Phillip Karnowsky | After the bombs go off, Kara tracks down Winslow and delivers him to the police. As seen in Super Friends. Darkseid | He eventually meets Winslow who tells him that he broke out of prison for him. Race Former toymakerCriminal Alias Zatanna used her magic again, dispelling the illusion and making it all clear to Schott. The Council | H'el | However, LexCorp's acquisition of Schott's toy company left him jobless and burning for revenge against LexCorp's owner, Lex Luthor.

Livewire |

Toy Man III used a giant Super Robot to fight Metallo and claimed the cyborg's equally-giant body was based on the material taken from his grandfather. Lena Luthor | Faction Use him to get revenge on his former boss Chester Dunholtz. Nightflame | Much later, Superman decided to try and rehabilitate the Toyman, getting him into a program where he made toys for poor children. Another boy stole the plane, an act that had a profound effect on Winslow and may have ultimately driven him to use toys to rob others.

Dirk Armstrong | Ethan Knox | Powers/Skills Usually possesses an extraordinary range of mechanical "toys," all of which are deadly. Incest Queen | Months after he son's death, Cat decided to visit Schott in prison and discover why he had turned into a killer. Another boy stole the plane, an act that had a profound effect on Winslow and may have ultimately driven him to use toys to rob others. Winslow P. Schott was only a small boy when he made his first toy, a balsa-wood airplane painted blue and red. Winn arrives at the convention, enters the stage but is unable to kill Dunholtz. Lex Luthor | Title

Dark Angel | Since Winn was unaware of this, Winn thought his father was a good parent. Eradicator |

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