yaupon holly varieties

yaupon holly varieties

They are scientifically known as “ilex cassine” and are naturally found in swampy areas. Make sure you put something like a sheet pan underneath to catch the leaves that will inevitably fall from the stem. But contrary to its name, Ilex vomitoria is not emetic, at least the tea isn't, and there are numerous historical writings that reference the casual consumption of yaupon tea, or cassine, without mention of vomit. The most common cultivars are slow-growing shrubs popular for their dense, evergreen foliage and their adaptability to pruning into hedges of various shapes. ... Yaupon holly (Ilex Vomitoria) is a small evergreen shrub that is characterized by its red berries and green leaves that create a wonderful landscape.

Compared to other hollies, the Common Winterberry (Ilex verticillata) is not an evergreen variety. According to anthropologist and ethnologist William C. Sturtevant, the Spaniards who founded St. Augustine, Florida, learned to drink yaupon tea from the Timucua Indians and they became addicted in the same way lots of us are addicted to coffee. Yaupon holly occurs naturally from Texas east to Florida and north to the southern part of Virginia.

It forms a dense, fine-textured shrub with leaves that emerge maroon. Several birds and animals also enjoy these plants and are attracted to their gorgeous colors. Yaupon holly is associated with a few names; the black drink, the white drink, cassine, cassina, and of course its Latin name, Ilex vomitoria.

The flowers of this tree are small and they sport a greenish white color. You can grow holly for privacy fences, clipped hedges, foliage along house foundations, and tall, handsome garden specimen trees. The fruit produced by these trees are black in color and not as attractive as those produced by the other species in the same genus. They are commonly grown as ornamental plants given the bright red berries they produce that look stunning against the dark green leaves. 12 Different Types of Holly Bushes and Trees, Different Varieties of Holly Bushes and Trees. ", And in another passage, he wrote of meeting with Indian chiefs and warriors as they "...spent the evening and greater part of the night together, in drinking Cassine and smoking Tobacco.". General information: The botanical name for this particular specie of holly is Ilex vomitoria nana or Dwarf Yaupon Holly. ‘Bordeaux’ is quite compact with a height of 2 to 3 feet and a spread of 3 to 5 feet.
These common shrubs grow to an average height of 30 to 40 feet and prefer full sun to partial shade for successful growth. You can also expect to find them growing with pines like shortleaf pine, loblolly, slash and several kinds of oak species.

Firstly, the berries produced by Finetooth holly are smaller and secondly, it is a semi-evergreen tree which means that it doesn’t shed all its leaves during the winter months. You can use fresh, dried, or roasted leaves and/or stems to make yaupon tea, but avoid the poisonous berries.

It’s really easy to harvest the leaves by grabbing the stem near the trunk and sliding your hand outward stripping them off. [2] It generally occurs in coastal areas in well-drained sandy soils, and can be found on the upper edges of brackish and salt marshes, sandy hammocks, coastal sand dunes, inner-dune depressions, sandhills, maritime forests, nontidal forested wetlands, well-drained forests and pine flatwoods. For ages, the conventional theory has been that Ilex vomitoria was named for its purported emetic properties which were witnessed in Native American ceremonies wherein Indians would drink the black drink and then purge or vomit. This type of holly is best known as a drought-tolerant tree and is native to the southeastern United States.

They also had another strong belief that cutting down a holly tree would bring them bad luck. It also does not produce berries. Finetooth holly is commonly found in China and Japan and grows to an average height of 6 feet to 15 feet tall. This variety is a slow-growing broadleaf and evergreen shrub that is quite easy to grow and offers a striking color in the winter season.

. Japanese holly trees have quite a soft texture as compared to the Chinese varieties.
To air-dry yaupon leaves on the stem, hang the stems in a warm, dry area for a couple of weeks.

You can also roast the leaves in the oven or parch on a stove top at 350-400 degrees F. Native Americans traditionally parched them to a dark brown over a fire. Ilex vomitoria is the name that seems to stick in everyone's craw. This cultivar is quite dramatic that grows less than 2 feet wide and in terms of height, it manages to grow as tall as 10 feet. Mood House by GOKOSTUDIO, Architecture and Interior Design. These are some of the most common and popular varieties of the holly tree, each with their unique characteristics, features and uses. They grow to an average height of 15 feet a 10-foot spread.

As soon as the first frost of the winter season hits them, their purplish green foliage turns all black.

[2] The word yaupon was derived from the Catawban yą́pą, from yą- tree + pą leaf. English holly is often crossed with Tsuru holly in order to produce the blue hollies or Meserve hollies (Ilex x meserveae). These trees produce small white-green colored flowers that appear on the plant sometime during late March or early April. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. The name ‘Indian black drink’ in particular has resulted from the fact that the berries of this holly species were once used by Native Americans in one of their special ceremonial drinks. The active ingredients, like those of the related yerba mate and guayusa plants, are caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline;[10][11] the vomiting may have resulted from the great quantities in which they drank the beverage, coupled with fasting.

Other than the holy sentiments attached to the holly tree, the traditional holly (Ilex aquifolium) has always been admired for its bright red berries, and lush green foliage. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. Many people from back in the days also considered holly to be a substitute for tea. The yaupon’s small dark green ovate to elliptical leaves are scalloped and occur alternately on the stem. It prefers full sun and well-drained, humus-rich and moderately fertile soils in order to grow to perfection.

This page was last edited on 11 October 2020, at 05:33. [5], The fruit are an important food for many birds, including Florida duck, American black duck, mourning dove, ruffed grouse, bobwhite quail, wild turkey, northern flicker, sapsuckers, cedar waxwing, eastern bluebird, American robin, gray catbird, northern mockingbird, and white-throated sparrow.

Bordeaux® Dwarf Yaupon Holly Ilex vomitoria 'Condeaux' Sku #0774. Yaupon holly (Ilex vomitoria) is an evergreen tree or shrub that's native to coastal areas of the south/southeastern United States. There are quite a few different holly varieties that you will find in most households, especially during the colorful Christmas season.

Related: Types of Germander | Types of Eucalyptus Trees | Types of Rhododendrons. [14] Recently, the process of drying the leaves for consumption has been "rediscovered" by modern Americans, and yaupon is now commercially available.[15][16][17].

The leaves of this tree are quite rectangular in shape with three lobes sticking up that have spines on them. In a time when local, organic food is in such high demand, a product like yaupon should also be in high demand. The incredible holly tree has also been found to contain numerous medical benefits and previously, the leaves of this tree was used to cure smallpox and catarrh. Yaupon holly (Ilex Vomitoria) is a small evergreen shrub that is characterized by its red berries and green leaves that create a wonderful landscape. Low growth habit makes this an excellent choice for a low border plant. It is a round type of shrub with glossy dark green leaves that are often spiny, and bright red berries that offer a great contrast against the lush green foliage. Like many other holly varieties, Chinese holly is a broadleaf evergreen which means that it doesn’t have a specific color in the fall. The flowers are 5–5.5 mm diameter, with a white four-lobed corolla. Their unique name is a reference to the fruits produced by this plant and its other name ‘gallberry’ has been derived from the fact that once upon a time, black ink was made with the help of galls of oaks. They are the standard type of evergreen hollies that are found in most garden centers and nurseries. Related: Types of Myrtle | Types of Firethorns | Types of Dogwood | Types of Grevillea.

These evergreen hollies are native to Puerto Rico, Caribbean on the Bahamas, Cuba, southeastern coast of North America and Virginia to Southeast Texas. Chinese holly grows to an average height of 15 feet and prefers growing in part shade or full sun, along with well-drained and moisture-laden soil.

The branches of this tree are usually covered shiny black or dark brown bark that eventually flakes off as the tree begins to age.

Or you can just cut the entire stem which makes air-drying easier.

Ilex vomitoria, commonly known as yaupon (/ˈjɔːpɒn/) or yaupon holly, is a species of holly that is native to southeastern North America.

It grows in an upward clumping manner and typically reaches a height of 5-8 feet.

This holly variety is native to some parts of Canada as wells as to the eastern and central United States. A Closer Look: What is an Under Mount Sink? The plant was traditionally used by Native Americans to make an infusion containing caffeine. Small, dark green leaves turn rich, burgundy-red in winter for cool season interest. It is typically found in peripheries of bogs and swamps, and can also be found in sandy wood areas. Holly can be evergreen or deciduous and range greatly in size and shape. Also known as sand holly, Carolina holly (Ilex ambigua) is native to south central and southeastern United States. This tree is often even referred to as ‘box-leaved holly’ due to the fact that its leaves are quite similar in appearance to those of boxwood shrubs. This species of the holly family can also be found growing along the coastal plain that extends from North Carolina to Texas. [5][12] The popular writer on edible wild plants, Euell Gibbons, who was not an expert in ethnobotany, believed the Europeans improperly assumed the black drink to be the Ilex vomitoria infusion, asserting that it was an entirely different drink made from various roots and herbs and did have emetic properties.

[5], Native Americans brewed the leaves and stems to brew a tisane, commonly thought to be called asi or black drink for male-only purification and unity rituals. Perhaps, if you have ever properly listened to the numerous Christmas carols that people sings throughout this holiday season, you would have noticed that one of them is called “The Holly and the Ivy”. So, the Druids began to hang hollies in their homes as a way to protect themselves from evil and also bring in good luck and good times. This is a female cultivar that belongs to the blue holly group and is marked by its dark green leaves that are super glossy, moderately spiny and give off a kind of a bluish cast. The flowers produced by this plant are often greenish white in color and they are usually formed in clusters of white with prominent green centers. Both male and female plants make small white flowers in the spring. Adapts to a wide range of cultural conditions, and mixes well in … it is more of a vice than chocolate in New Spain.'". Yaupon, a native American holly shrub, is gaining new attention in research and agriculture as a locally sourced, drought-resistant crop that can make a tea rich in caffeine and antioxidants. The foliage and twigs are browsed by white-tailed deer. English Holly is a tall, evergreen tree with stunning foliage that is glossy and leathery. People also used to extract the juice out of fresh holly leaves as a treatment for extreme jaundice.

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