zero point energy machine

zero point energy machine

Perhaps you have mistaken me for someone who cares to hear your opinion. Sorry, been so busy i havnt been keeping up with all the goss. . Rob, I made one years ago and realised then why they would never work. I am with you 100% on the no patents and no plans to make money with this. I decided on a windblue 540 as it seemed the most efficient at low revs. Get any magnetic motor and using a calibrated spring balance measure via a torque arm determine the maximum load as you move the arm up to the point of maximum force. My point iis , if it doesn’t work, why buy it. Quote: “Reason being is that i can definitely get that to spin and can then can at least measure how close it comes to zero point energy and start experimenting.”, I hope the “zero point energy” was a typo. People who don’t understand scientific processes or methods simply are unaware how things become theories [and generally don’t even know the true definition of a theory for starters] and how they can then become laws.
Tesla’s idea of a transmission tower was stupid; radiation is the worst mode of heat transfer. If anyone knows where I can see a demonstration of a working model (Proof of Concept) I would consider going.

An electron is the only substance that exists in the past, the future and the present at all times. Bedini built one with a 10′ wheel and magnets for a convention with hands on from the audience and total explanations to the scientific community. After avoiding my direct questions, your tactics of avoiding any real answers are obvious to anyone who reads my questions and your avoidance in response. There is no magic involved.

Will be experimenting with it and some iron filings and a wooden table when it arrives in couple of days. I’ll be sell you the energy I make from mine.

That does not mean that he would also have failed if he had been able to envision His Theory of Special Realitivity used concepts taken from Lorentz. *SIDE NOTE* Be sure to have the same poles pointing outward on both the wheel and the outside sections. The answer is in my post where I said I would pay generously for one. Its a lot of fun and a bit expensive for a weekend hobby. Science is constant only to the point of provability and acceptance. You want to be a hero to the free energy “believers” I imagine. Question constructively everything. The device absolutely works.”. So, come on, if you’ve done this, prove it. @Thomas E. Lassek “odd’s strongly favor someone, somewhere, and somehow, assembling a rudimentary form of a magnetic motor” Just found something that does not violate physics laws and can be loosely related to free energy goals: The Gravity Train. Those stubborn old fashioned laws of physics suggest the inside of the box will get colder till absolute zero is reached or till the hidden battery/capacitor runs flat.

Gene, I am no computer wiz, how the crap do you do that? I cant find your email adress you left on the new format. Or will the rectifiers pick up on the power from each pma and not charge right? Couldnt get the cd version to run. Don’t waste your time tilting windmills. $0.02, Hey Gene i forgot about the wind generator that you said you were going to stick with right now. This planet we live on provides it every day. The vast majority of “believers” seem to get their knowledge from bar room discussions or free energy websites and YouTube videos.

Currency would fluctuate because we don’t have much use for petroleum which gives a country power.

Both generate friction. Seems to me that if you were to find an individual as outlined, the walls of your belief system come crashing down around you.

2. .this is the plan HHO by cavitation (cavitator)

Will that ballance the mag out or drain it twice as fast? If you think about the implications of free energy, it literally destroys the control that multiple energy corporations have on the planet. Should people not have the right to examine information and sources on their own to determine for themselves what they choose to believe? Garry, Then do it, Or lets do it!.

I will keep at it till something happens. Dan & all, That’s why inventors call them over-unity devices or say they are devices for tapping into zero point energy. And as the earth changes it’s wobble, it will influence the pendulum.

Isn’t this what a permanent magnet is? “Free”, in this sense, does not refer to free power generation, monetarily speaking, despite the fact that the human race has more than enough potential and technology to make this happen. – the inventor will die before it is finished (conspiracy theorists will claim it was a hit by the oil companies), or “And I was elated to discover that magnet-only motors can be built!”. TiborKK – The elephant in the room:

to generate free radiant energy that can be used for many electrical purposes. Just as the earth acts upon the pendulum so the pendulum will in fact be causing the earth’s wobble to reduce due to the effect of gravity upon each other.

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